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A Bit About Me

Pride in are work

Since I first started working as a full-time Landscape Gardener i have been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism, It is why i have developed such a well-known reputation as the go-to Landscape Gardener in Cheshire. I enjoy working with new and returning customers, I am committed to providing each one with the best service possible. I look forward to working with my loyal clients for many years to come.


Professional Services



Attention to Detail

Popular types of paving are- Indian stone, granite, porcelain, sandstone, York stone and sawn sand stone.

Cheshire bespoke garden projects will supply and fit all types of paving to the highest of standards subject to availability, We also refresh and relay existing paving.


Turf and grass seeding 

Customer Focused

Quality lawns laid and seeded

As a qualified Landscape Gardener, I have extensive experience and specialized know-how. I believe this is what really sets me apart from the rest of the industry if you want a quality lawn then don't look any further we pride ourselves on the standard we achieve. We can supply bespoke turf suited to individual clients needs for example shaded areas.



Expert Service

Quality decking

We supply and fit both composite decking and wood decking, Wooden decks can be constructed with either hard or softwood, hardwood decking is a lot more expensive than soft wood however if a high end Finish is required hard wood decking would be the choice, The advantage with composite decking is the high end finish that is achieved without the maintenance issues of wood.


Bound resin driveways

Attention to Detail

The finished colour is dependent on the aggregate, used samples are available on quotation

Resin bound drives and paths are the current choice for those who don't mind paying for the higher end Finish achieved from this product and can be laid in a permeable form on the correct sub base.


Electric gates

Customer Focused

Bespoke electric gates

Electric gates are one of are specialities we have a lot of experience in this area and have done many installations, We have found in the past that clients normally find that having electric gates fitted is more complicated than it should be, The reason for this isusually it requires many different companies, One to make gates ,one to install.


Walls and gate pillars

Expert Service

Attention to detail

We can build walls and pillars to the highest standard in the material of your choice, We have extensive experience working with all forms and colours of bricks, man made block and natural stone.


Outdoor bars and kitchens

Altention to Detail 
Outdoor bars and kitchens can be a real addition to your garden space we can build any design all you have to do is tell us what you want and leave the rest to us.


Granite paving patio and paths

Customer Focused

Granite patios paths and paving 
We can provide and lay quality granite in many colours and sizes. For patios, paths and drives Granite is a natural product and must be chosen carefully, natural flaws can run through the stone especially if the less expensive varieties are chosen.


Indian stone paving, patio and paths

Expert Service

Indian stone 
We supply and lay Indian stone in many different patterns and colors to the highest standards. 


Porcelain paving, patio, paths and drives

Attention to Detail

Porcelain paving and patios add a very contemporary look to outdoor spaces especially when combined with tiled walls, steps and planters. Porcelain has the added advantage of being wipe clean and stain resistant, handy for those wishing to bbq or use a fire pit.


Pergolas and gazebos

Expert Service

Pergolas, gazebos and bespoke garden structures 
As a bespoke service we can build gazebos pergolas, or any other structure in your outdoor space to suit all sizes and shapes. We can use many different materials in constructing your design including hard/soft wood, composite materials, and metal. When building any permanent structure in your outdoor space it is worth considering a few things like- will it be used in the evening and if it will should you consider lighting, heating, outdoor electrical sockets, speakers, will you need built inretractable sun/rain screens. It is much Easier to plan for all these things beforehand than to add them later.


Tree hedge and planting 

Attention to Detail

Beautiful trees and hedges 
Hedges and trees can be supplied and planted at any time of year however we advise that this work be carried out after summer unless supported by an irrigation system. We advise anybody thinking of planting hedges or trees to order early to avoid long waiting periods.


Irrigation watering systems

Customer Focused

Watering your garden 
Irrigation watering systems are now more important than ever before, Climate change has made the weather more unpredictable than ever before, Drought periods of hot weather can seriously harm plant stock so before investing in a new planting scheme make sure you provide an adequate watering systems.



Expert Service

Steps and ramps 
Many gardens have multiple levels and can be difficult to navigate without properly constructed steps or ramps, Not all outdoor spaces are the same and different gardens require different solutions, we can help you plan and construct your garden to suit your specific needs to get you from one level to the next.



Attention to Detail

Garden drainage 
Drainage is a very important factor to consider on any outdoor project and is one of the first things to consider plan and implement before any hard landscaping has started.


Pools, ponds and streams 

Customer Focused

Water features And koi pools 
Any water feature can make a great addition to your outdoor space. Water especially running water has a relaxing effect on most people and has an irresistible draw which makes any water feature perfect to position next to your seating area. We can design and construct your water feature pool or stream to the highest standard. I have over 35 years of experience constructing koi carp pools, Water features we do- koi pools, wildlife pools, streams, fountains-rill Bespoke water projects.


Cobbles and sets 

Attention to Detail

Cobbles and sets 
Cobbles and setts can add a touch of class when used correctly. Cobbles and setts can be used not only for patio, paths and drives but also for edging and highlighting other kinds of paving with a contrasting colour.


Garden troughs and focal points

Customer Focused

Expert Service 
As a qualified Landscape Gardener, I have extensive experience and specialized know-how, I believe what really sets me apart from the rest of the industry is my attention to detail and ability to cater to the unique needs of each client.



Expert Service

Fencing and gates 
We supply and fit all types of ready made or bespoke fencing to suit your needs.


Trellis and wire support for climbers 

Attention to Detail

Trellis wire support and frames for climbing plants 
We supply and fit full bespoke wire and trellis systems to cater for all needs, We have fitted full house trellis and wire systems in many different forms and designs.


Planting schemes 

Customer Focused

Beautiful flower beds 
I am well known for providing this service and have quite a number of clients who wouldn't trust anyone else to do this for them. Beautiful flower beds all year round is only achievable if designed and planted by people who have a genuine passion for plants and gardening, Trust us to provide you with a beautiful planting scheme and you will be rewarded season after season.


Garden levelling or regrading 

Expert Service

Garden levelling and regrading 
Gardens can be levelled or regraded if they are sloping off at an undesirable angle. In most cases gardens will require a retaining wall to hold soil either back or in the garden, the picture above had a large retaining wall built near the end then a several hundred tonnes were trucked in to bring the level up.


Gardens for people with disabilities 

Attention to Detail

Disabled focused gardens
The love for gardening and the pleasure one gets from it should not be restricted to the able bodied. when it comes to constructing a garden for a person with disabilities one design will obviously not do as there will be as many factors to consider as there are different disabilities. With our ever ageing population and the related disabilities this brings good garden design, will be more relevant than ever.


Garden lighting 

Customer Focused

Garden Lighting adds an extra dimension 
A garden isn't complete without lighting, once you have lighting in you garden you will wonder why you haven't had it before, plain or colored lighting really adds an extra dimension to your garden it also makes your garden fully useable after dark for socialising.


Permeable free draining drives 

New planning laws usually require that drives are now free draining 

Free draining drives that allow rainwater to permeate through and naturally soak away are now the normal requirement, We offer many options to suit all budgets from loose stone to resin bound even tarmac is now available in a free draining form. Standard paving can also be laid on pervious concrete if used with a pervious resin grout allowing granite, Indian stone, sawn sandstone and more all to be used without conventional drainage.

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